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Return policy


    The complaint procedure applies to

A/ hand goods

B/ discounted goods - goods damaged during dispatch or storage


If present in purchased new goods defect that was not the reason for the price reduction, or at second-hand goods purchased defect that resulted from past usage or wear and tear of the goods, the buyer has the right to complain about this defect.


The seller decides the complaint immediately, in complicated cases within 3 days, but it may agree with the buyer and a longer period where the complaint requires expert judgment. This period shall not exceed 30 days.


Claim applied buyers shop where the goods were purchased. The sale of goods at a discount must be the document of sale, respectively. warranty card that plea cheaper, if not offered a discount obvious already from the nature of the sale. The seller in this case, is not liable for defects for which was negotiated a lower price.

If the warranty card given another entrepreneur for the repair, which is in place at the site of the seller or the buyer closer to the buyer exercises the right to rectification by undertaking designated to perform warranty repairs.



If there is a correctable defect in the goods, the buyer has the right to free, proper and timely removal of defects.

If the defect is not removable and prevents the matter can be properly used as a thing without defect, the buyer has his choice, the right to a reasonable discount on the purchase price or the right of withdrawal, ie refund of the purchase price and the surrender of the seller.

The right to an adequate discount or the right of withdrawal include the buyer in case the defects removable, but if the buyer is not for the repeated occurrence of the same defect after at least two previous repairs or for a greater number of defects (at least three) thing properly due.

When determining the amount of the reduction will take into account the extent of the defect.


A defect is not a change of goods, formed during the warranty period as a result of wear or improper use or improper interference.


The complaint must be applied within the warranty period which is 12 months.

When goods are presented for warranty repair must comply with the following conditions by the claimant:

a) a proof of payment.

b) it is submitted warranty certificate, a certificate AP. (If part of the goods sold)

c) the goods meet all other conditions of the claim (i physically intact, undamaged natural disaster, intact seals etc.)
     and with complete accessories (if part of the goods sold).


  The complaint procedure shall enter into force "on the day 25.11.2011