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About us

About us

BREVA"s beginnings date back to 1988. SaS Slovakia was established in Košice this year, gradually opening its network of backup and selling jewelery throughout the former Czechoslovakia.


When SaS Slovakia ceased its business in 2002, the Group of Employees decided to use the gained experience in the field of bookkeeping and restored the company"s activity under the Index Index. In 2008, the company changed its name to BREVA as part of its effort to consolidate the brand"s brand name and brand value.


Under the modern brand BREVA, the company extends its branded backup network. Currently, it offers its services in 92 savings stores and jewelry stores in 48 cities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Our main activities include purchase and sale of gold and silver jewelery. For sale we offer gold and silver jewelery, fragments and jewelry fitted with genuine diamonds, to which we supply certificates of authenticity.


We offer the best ransom prices of gold and silver jewelry, glass, crystal, electronics ...


Among other things, we deal with the sale of branded and luxury goods, glass, crystal, porcelain and ceramics from world-famous manufacturers (Goebel, Meissen, Rosenthal, Royal Dux, Dubi, Bohemia, Moser, Ditmar Urbach, etc.)


We offer electronics (mobile phones, TVs, Hi-Fi systems, DVD players), books, pictures, sporting goods and a lot of other goods.


Our employees are regularly trained and subject to strict requirements both from a professional point of view and in terms of customer communication.


We design our stores with an emphasis on spaciousness and plenty of light so our customers feel comfortable.


We believe you will be satisfied with our services and we look forward to your visit.