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Pawn conditions

  1. The subject of a pledge may only be the case (§ 118 paragraph. 1 and § 119 paragraph. 1 of the Civil. Code), of which the pledger (individual or a statutory body of the legal entity) declare that they have full, unimpeded ownership and not subject another security agreement.
  2. Lien secures a claim founded together with its facilities (§ 121 paragraph. 3 Obč. Code) to tab or uninterruptible against the debtor, if it is a person different from the pledgor. Accessories claims for the contract period created based on the number of calendar days in the contract period and the applicable interest rate. With increasing length of the contract period, the interest rate decreases.

  3. Exact wording of the Pledge conditions given for each stand individually.

  4. Runtime extension is possible only by mutual agreement before the expiry of the draft mortgage borrower, if at the same time paid zročné accessory claims.
  5. If the backup debtor until the end of the backup time or until the renewal of the agreement in accordance with paragraph 3 does not recover its claim with due because of accessories, accessory claims shall be increased by the corresponding% per day until the date of implementation of the sale of the stuff. Day sales are still increasing in accessory counted. Pledgor is insured deposit subject to a pre-agreed amount, which is listed on the security agreement to "A". If the pawnshop can not return the object tab backup pledgor is entitled to the difference between the insurance amount and the loan without narátania accessories. The Parties may also agree on a real settlement.

  6. Part of the security agreement is an agreement by which the pledgor agrees with the claims of secured pawn advances were satisfied direct selling mortgaged contract, provided that the pledgor does not assume the subject of an advance no later than the date specified in the security agreement.

  7. The fact whether a particular item may be subject to a security agreement, decides authorized employee union. To download stuff to backup There is no legal entitlement. The subject of the security agreement can not be damaged and incomplete things and things that are not working. The thing that is under warranty must be lodged with authorities and enabling warranty claims.

  8. Choice things of the pawnshop is possible only in person at the OP or the attorney with the OP.

  9. For the loss of the contract Part "B" and search the records we charge 0.50 €.

  10. Backup mentioned conditions can be changed before the conclusion of the security agreement.