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How to shop through our e-shop?

The goods we order with you will be delivered directly to one of our branches for free. Approximate delivery time is 14 days. We will notify you of your delivery by e-mail. You can see the status of the goods directly at one of our branches where you ordered the goods. Purchase is not a condition.


1. find the goods you want using the menu CATEGORIES and then select a subcategory,


2. if you are interested in anything from the offer, click on the goods to see more detailed information, if you want to view more goods click on 


3. Clicking on the goods will show you more detailed information that contains the basic product description,

4. If you want to buy the goods click on   In the window that appears  CONTENT OF SHOPPING CART“ continue to buy by adding more items by clicking   or choose to complete the order  


5. (please do not need to be a registered user), please enter your e-mail address to inform you if the goods are delivered to one of our branches, which you will choose in the next step. After completing the data click on  

You can change your cart content at any time during the purchase. Pressing on    you throw the goods out of the basket. We will contact you on the phone number you have entered if we will not be able to contact you via e-mail


6. In the next step, select a branch from where you want to deliver the goods. We do not deliver goods beyond our branches! After selecting a branch, click  


7. Press    you will confirm your order.

8. After completing the order, you will be briefed about its confirmation in a short time.